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Basecamp - Our T@B Teardrop Camper
T@B Camper Accessories

Basecamp - Our T@B Teardrop Camper

Our T@B Teardrop Camper

T@B Camper Accessories
Things we have added to our
2021 NuCamp T@B 320S Boondock teardrop camper.
(No cutting or drilling required)
Note that other T@B models and years may require different equipment.

My T@B camper permanent modifications can be seen here:
T@B Teardrop Camper Modifications

T@B Power Adapters
Power Adapters

You never know what power connectors you will find. We carry these three.
50 amp adapter,
115 volt adapter,
115 volt male to 30 amp female adapter
(so I can use a standard heavy duty extension cord if needed)

LevelMatePRO+ and Andersen Leveler
Making leveling at the campsite easy

With the LevelMatePRO+ your phone will show when your T@B is level. Connect easily via Bluetooth to your phone and level your T@B hands free. Makes finding a level spot easy.

No leveling blocks needed and combined with the LevelMatePRO+ raising a wheel is easy. Set the Andersen leveler under the lowest tire and just move the camper watching the LevelMatePRO+ app on your phone. Once level, chock both wheels then use the jack to level fron to back watching your phone. Very easy.
Andersen Camper Leveler System

Ranger II Portable Propane Stove for Outside Cooking

Ranger II
Larger picture
The T@Bs now come with a quick release propane connection for cooking outside. I was hoping to connect our older Coleman Classic stove (with the little green bottles) using the quick release connector on the back of our T@B but after much experimenting trying to bypass it's regulator, I found that only low pressure stoves will work on a T@B's quick release propane connection and anything with the little green bottle would have to plug directly into the main tank in the front box using a Y adapter.

We purchased the Camp Chef Ranger II, two burner camp stove (low pressure stove) and it works great. We got a 3/8" quick release propane hose for it and now we can cook outside on a table and under our pop-up on nice days just plugging into the T@B's quick release connector on the back. Also added a righr angle connector so the hose doesn't stick out the side.

Camp Chef Ranger II Stove

15 FT Propane Quick Connect Hose

Right Angle Connector

We love these little Hooks

These hooks fit perfectly over the edge of the T@B's cubbies. Nice and snug and can be easily moved around to wherever you want them. I use them for hanging my glasses, hats, etc. when camped. I even use two together to keep my phone up out of the way. They come in a five pack.

KUNGSFORS S-Hooks, Stainless Steel

More Racks and Hooks

Racks and Hooks for the T@B
Larger Picture
We added these hooks on the bathroom door for our coats, etc.. Just sets over the top and can be easily moved to either side of the door.

The Paper Towel Holder/Shelf can be put on the wall using double sided tape but I decided to screw it into the 1/2 inch plywood wall using two short screws. We use a velcro strap around the roll to keep it from unrolling when traveling.

The Kitchen Towel Holder just sits over the cabinet door and we hang it on the inside when not using it.

Paper Towel Holder & Shelf

35 Ft. Roll of Hook And Loop Strap

Kitchen Towel Holder

Over The Door Hook Hanger

T@B Blue-ray Player
12 volt T@B Blue-ray Player
For those that don't want to or can't stream movies in the mountains (like us), I found a SONY Blue-ray player that runs on 12 volts that fits in the compartment below the radio in our T@B 320S Boondock. We carry a notebook full of out favorite movies on DVD and Blue-ray for rainy nights and this little player works perfect. I put a piece of foam under it and a strip of velcro on the top edge of the compartment to hold it in place. It's plugged into the TV using an HDMI cable run behind the microwave out of sight. It runs off the 12 volt battery like the TV so we don't need shore power.

Sony BDP-BX370 Blu-ray Disc Player

T@B Step LED Replacement
T@B Solar Step LED
Our T@B has a small LED to light the step that's on all the time when the step is out. I disconnected the switch and use a rechargeable solar light. No drain on the battery and it can be switched off. I also use these for marking the tent pegs for the awning when we're camped at a crowded site like music fests so some idiot (like me) won't trip over them at night. They come in a ten pack from Harbor Freight.

Solar Pathway Lights

USB Fans
USB Rechargeable Fans
These USB Rechargeable Fans run for about 8-10 hours on a charge or you can run them off a USB port. They are quiet and are thin enough to place in a T@B window latched in the vent slot and the screen closed. They use a lot less power than the roof fan. I recharge mine off a USB port during the day when the solar kicks in and run it on it's own battery in the window on low at night if needed.

USB Rechargable Fans

Awning/Canopy/Sun Shade
T@B Awning/Canopy/Sun Shade
Awning/Canopy/Sun Shade for the T@B
T@B awnings are very expensive. This style awing made for the back of SUVs is perfect for our T@B and doesn't cost hundreds of dollars. The back edge sits over the top of the T@B and the corners are tied to the TAB's handles. We had it up during the tail end of a hurricane and nine inches of rain and it didn't move. A family of ducks stayed under it over night. It's sold under a few different brand names and costs hundreds less than a keder rail awning or visor for a T@B. We also like that the door can stay open.

Portable Awning/Canopy/Sun Shade

These poles work great with awnings or tarps:
Weanas AdjustableTarp Poles

T@B Window Awnings
T@B Window Awnings
My wife made these awnings for the three windows for our T@B. The covers are held in place with drawstrings. If it starts to rain they can be removed from inside by loosening the draw string.
They will be great for having the windows open while keeping the sun out on those hot summer days.

She added a 2" fold of material underneath that runs under both sides and under the bottom that the drawstring runs through except along the top where the drawstring stays on top in a fold on the outside edge over the hinge. I added a gromet at bottom center underneath that both ends of the drawstring comes out of and is tightened with a spring type cord lock.

Larger Picture

In Sunlight

Willpo Memory Foam Camping Mattress
Camping Mattresses for our T@B
Camping Mattresses

The T@B cushions aren't very easy to sleep on. We bought a pair of these Camping Mattresses that make sleeping much more comfortable. During the day they can be rolled up under the cabinets. They come in a few different lengths and widths and have a durable cover that's nice because they don't slip and have the built in straps to keep them rolled up.
We bought two singles (75" x 30" x 2.75") so I can take just one when using the T@B solo.

Willpo Memory Foam Camping Mattress

Marinco Twist Lock Sealing Ring
Marinco Twist Lock Sealing Ring

Replaced the threaded collar on the shore power cable with a quick twist lock collar. No more fumbling and swearing at those fine threads on the original T@B ring that won't line up. This twist lock collar makes it quick. Just pop the old one off and press this one on.

Marinco Sealing Ring

Trailer Jack Foot
Trailer Jack Foot

Don't tow with the wheel on the jack! There isn't enough ground clearance with the wheel on the jack. Also don't tow with nothing on the jack. The least little scrape can damage it. Get a Trailer Jack Foot which allows more clearance and helps protect the jack if it does bottom out. The foot also gives you more surface area when the jack's down.

Trailer Jack Foot

Vinyl Graphics

Added a nice mountain / compass graphic to the back and our turtle graphic to the sides.
Finishing Touch Vinyl Art has a large selection and will also do custom orders.

A few have asked me for the T@B graphic I used for for my rear window:

Graphic: T@B Facing Right      T@B Facing Left

Spare Fuses for the Alde Furnace
Spare Fuses for the Alde Furnace

Replacement 3.15 amp, 250 volt slow blow fuses for the Alde furnace in your newer T@B.

3.15 amp, 250 volt slow blow fuses

Missing, Broken, or Worn Out T@B Window Clips?

T@B Window Clip Replacement

Those little gray T@B window clips wear fast and are always popping off in the middle of the night, breaking, or disappearing. Replacements in North America are almost impossible to find.

Guess what actually holds better... a standard 1¼" medium binder clip available almost anywhere office supplies are sold.
They actually hold the day/night screens together tighter and if you use two on each window there is little to no chance the screen and shade will pull apart when adjusting them. And if you do drop one it's much easier to find in your bare feet...

Lifetime Supply: 1¼" Medium Binder Clips

T@B Cutting Board
RV Sink Cutting Board

This adjustable cutting board fits our 2021 T@B 320S sink and gives you more counter space.

Adjustable Cutting Board

Filling Fresh Water Tank on a 2021 T@B

T@B Modifications     T@B Additions

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