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Training Videos
On-line videos for learning paddling technique, how-to videos for selecting a canoe, paddles, and gear, hull repairs, packing your canoe, and more.

Selecting Gear:

      How To: Fit a Life Jacket

      Sizing A Canoe Paddle

Paddling Technique Videos:

      Path of the Paddle: Solo Basic

      Paddle a Canoe By Using the J-Stroke

      J Stroke vs. Canadian Stroke

      Turn your canoe easily with the cross-bow draw technique

      Turning a Canoe: the Inside Pivot Turn

      How to sideslip in a canoe

      Tips to Solo Paddle Your Canoe

      Rolf Kraijer's Instruction Videos

      How to Paddle a Tandem Canoe

If your company or organization is involved in any aspect of canoeing and is not listed yet and would like to be added, contact me. Note that this site is primarily for solo canoes. Web sites dealing strictly in kayaks will not be considered.

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