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Canoe Safety

All boats must have a USCG-approved wearable life jacket on board for each person. In addition to wearable life jackets, boats 16 feet and over must have a throwable device (ring buoy, life ring or buoyant seat cushion) on board. Canoes and kayaks, regardless of length, are not required to carry a throwable device.
Additional laws by state may apply.

Life Jackets
Need a Life Jacket?

Old Town Canoes - Safety Check List

Paddle Sports on-line Safety Course (Free)

Boating Laws & License Requirements by State

The ACA Paddlesports Safety Course The American Canoe Association's National Paddlesports Instruction Program. Taking ACAís online Paddlesports Safety Course ia easy. You donít have to wait for warm weather and you donít have to live near a waterway.

National Canoe Safety Patrol Providing Safety and Swiftwater Rescue Since 1979

NRS - Drysuits Don't Make You Bulletproof

River Hazards and Safety on the Water While Canoeing - Video

U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary The U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary offers free vessel Identification Stickers for Canoes and Kayaks.

US Coast Guard Boating Safety App

The Case Against Waders
Wearing fishing waders in a canoe can be a death sentence. Here's why.

Remember to stay safe out there,
plan ahead, be prepared, check the weather,
and don't go beyond your abilities.

If your organization is involved in any aspect of canoeing safety and is not listed yet and would like to be added, contact me. Note that this site is primarily for solo canoes. Web sites dealing strictly in kayaks will not be considered.

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